The Architectural Review Authority is composed of the Lead Architect and three additional committee members. The Architectural Review Authority members are elected by property owners at the annual meeting held in October. Each member serves for a period of two years.

The Architectural Review Authority meets the second and fourth Friday of each month at 3:00 p.m. or as needed to review permits. Meetings are held at the POA Clubhouse and open to all property owners.


The purpose of the ARA is to keep the community attractive for the enjoyment of residents and the protection of property values. The Deed Restrictions, along with the current revision of our Bylaws, authorizes the ARA to establish rules, standards, and procedures for the orderly development of the subdivision and requires property owners to obtain written approval from the ARA for any buildings, additions, or other exterior improvements to their property. This is to ensure that the improvements comply with the provisions of the Deed Restrictions and the ARA Guidelines. The ARA and Board have established these guidelines in accordance with the authority granted to them by the provisions of the Deed Restrictions and Bylaws.
The ARA Guidelines have been established to assure uniform and fair application of the Deed Restrictions and are intended to provide all lot owners in the Association with information about the type and quality of materials which may be used in the construction of various kinds of improvements, the size and locations of such improvements and information about how the procedures are used by the ARA in reviewing applications for proposed improvements.

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