Summary of Guidelines

No structure shall be erected, placed or altered on any building tract in this subdivision until the plans, specifications and plot plan layout, along with a completed permit has been approved in writing by the Architectural Review Authority (ARA). Refer to the attached matrix for required permits. Check with the Lead Architect for minor maintenance projects. They may require city permits. Required Permit Matrix
A summary of the procedural steps for approving a request for a permit to build, remodel, or install a structure on property within Twin Harbors are:
1. Recommend prior to completing Twin Harbors Building Permit Application, the builder review the following.  Appropriate Deed Restrictions, Rules & Regulations, City Building ordinances and all other information provided on the Twin Harbors Web site at
2. Obtain a Twin Harbors Building Permit Application from the THPOA office.  This permit application is also available from this page.
3. The following is a list of required documents that must accompany the original Twin Harbors Building Permit Application. 
  • Payment for Building Permit Application Fee based on type of project.
  • Copy of plat map with the Section, Block and Lot highlighted for easy reference.
  • Copy of lot plat with lot dimensions to include a drawing of the actual building with dimensions to be constructed on the lot with boundary measurements e.g. 20 feet front building line and 5 foot building line.
  • If building in a flood plain.  Require verification and/or approval from the City of Onalaska, TX  Permitting Department.  Approval must be attached to the City Permit Application before submission to ARA.
  Attach all requested documents to the Twin Harbors Building Permit Application when submitting for approval.
4. The Building Permit Application must be signed by the property owner or the owner’s authorized agent.

Upon receipt of the completed Twin Harbors Permit Application, the ARA will act on the request with a written response made within a maximum of thirty (30) days of receiving the completed application.  The committee members have full authority to approve or disapprove such design and location.
5. In order to obtain an approved building permit from the City of Onalaska you must first have approval of your Twin Harbors Building Permit before the City of Onalaska will consider your request.
6. All construction of structures must be completed within four (4) months of the approval date as stated on the Twin Harbors Building Permit Application, unless the period is extended in writing by the ARA.
Building Permit Extension
The above is a summary of the procedural steps for informational purposes and does not negate any of the detailed requirements of the Twin Harbors Building Permit Application. If you have further questions for the ARA Board, use the email link below to submit your inquiry.
Revised 11/7/2021
Twin Harbors on Lake Livingston
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