Summary of Guidelines

The following is a brief excerpt from the ARA GUIDELINES document meant as an overview. The following is a brief excerpt from the ARA GUIDELINES document meant as an overview. Please click on the ARA Guidelines link to read over the entire document for full details prior to submitting a building permit application.
Except for Section I, which are lots primarily designed for the placement of mobile homes to be used as residences, Twin Harbors, Sections II through V and The Point, consist of custom designed homes built utilizing conventional stick method frame construction, with various finishing materials such as wood siding, engineered concrete/fiber siding, stone, brick veneers, stucco and/or a combination of any of these finishes. If natural wood is not used on the exterior finishes for home or garage construction, the materials used for finishing must present the appearance of simulated wood grain or stucco finish. Additionally, any structure constructed on the lot that is detached from the residence, must incorporate identical exterior finishes as the residence. Roofs in our community consist of asphalt shingles and/or metal composition with gable, hip, mansard, dormers, and gambrel configurations. Roofs also require no less than a 12" overhang (eave) and must incorporate the use of facias with soffits on all sides. The ARA will review all building, addition and exterior improvement construction permits to confirm their harmony and conformity to these construction methods and materials. When considering whether a new build or modification is in harmony or conformity with the homes in the neighborhood, the ARA will take into consideration the designs and characteristics of the homes on the street on which construction will take place. If a street has homes and garages with no set of prevalent designs or characteristics, then a potential design can be different from the various designs present on the street due to a lack of harmony or conformity on the street in question.
Maintenance vs. Remodel
Construction permits are not required for the normal repair and maintenance of the exterior of homes in Twin Harbors. If exterior painting is to be done, and the colors chosen to match the original paint scheme approved in the application process, no permit is required. If alternate colors are desired, then a permit application must be submitted and approved before work can begin. Interior changes also do not require a permit from the ARA, but care should be taken by the property owner to verify the necessity of a city building permit. The Permit and Fee Matrix can be used to help the homeowner in determining the need for permits, but it is not designed to be all encompassing. It is the homeowner's responsibility to verify the need for any permits before starting any work on the property.
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