The following are guidelines for tree removal within Twin Harbors Subdivision as enacted by the THPOA Board of Directors.  Failure to comply with the guidelines could result in a monetary penalty as determined by the THPOA Board of Directors.  Any such penalty could result in legal action against the property owner. 

1. Twin Harbors is considered a lakeside residential community and is wholly contained within the city limits of Onalaska.  As such, the practice of commercial clear-cutting of trees on any lots within the subdivision is considered a violation of Deed  Restrictions Numbers 8 and 10.  Tree removal by the property owner can only be done for the purpose of enhancing the property for the enjoyment and use of the property, such as for overnight camping or building of a permanent structure.

2. Prior to any tree removal, the property owner must determine the property boundaries.  The property owner is liable for any damage done to any adjacent property.

3. Persons employed to remove or haul trees must be bonded.

4. Clean-up of all limbs, branches, cut timber, etc. remaining on the property after tree removal must be done within 30 days from the start of tree removal.  Extensions can be requested in writing from the THPOA Board of Directors to cover possible delays due to weather (excessive rains or burn ban restrictions).  Failure to comply is considered a violation of Deed Restriction Number 11.

Revised 09/03/2021

Twin Harbors on Lake Livingston

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